Debut Acoustic EP "Let It All Out"

'Let It All Out' EP

Produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios Wolverhampton, England in 2015

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I'm Pete Williams but not the one from Dexy's. So to avoid any confusion, I decided to use "PTR" which sounds a bit like Peter... sort of. My songs draw from influences such as Eels, Neil Young, Pulp, Crowded House, The White Stripes & The Beautiful South

I started writing around 2010 and began to play guitar in 2011 & have been performing live since August 2013. My debut acoustic EP produced was produced in 2015 by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton.

Originally from Scunthorpe, I'm now firmly settled in the West Midlands after attending art school in Bournemouth.

"Tenderly beautiful, soulful songs"
Heather Wastie

"Ludicrous shorts"
The Humdrum Express


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2015 EP Reviews

“Produced by Gavin Monaghan, this 4 track EP by Halesowen based singer songwriter PTR Williams is a true gem. Packed with positive tender soul searching acoustic tunes that inspire upon listening. Name any classic pop song from the 1960's and I bet you that songs like 'Text Me A Smile' are on par; soothing gentle hooks with so much warmth that they could melt the dick off the incredible Hulk. I'm not going to suggest people he sounds like because to me he sounds like PTR Williams. I've seen him play live a few times now and this EP successfully demonstrates just what a professional artist and performer he is. However he's extremely humble so tell the world about his music. I'll start; he's an original musical genius trapped in the body of a man who won't admit he's a genius. Recommended for fans of Donovan, The Beautiful South and Neil Young. Please now type in PTR Williams on your computer, iPad or whatever and download this EP.”
Ryan's Gig Guid October 2015

“The best artists wear their influences lightly and with subtlety, absorbing via osmosis and so it is with PTR Williams who with this four track EP has taken it all in and Let It All Out.This quartet of tunes are informed by the likes of Eels and Gomez but these tender tales of love, life and failure reflecting in PTR's own words "my unassuming upbringing in an equally unassuming northern town" are most definitely his own. Opening song 'Text Me A Smile' is a bittersweet, breezy number with pithy lyrics, which brings to mind the innocent, naive sounding 60's/70's pop of Clifford T Ward, Peter Skellern, Donovan and even whispers of Nick Drake: this is all good. There is a definite summer psych-pop feel to the whole affair but maybe that's just cuz it's July and the way I'm feeling. When I say summer of course in this green land that often means days of constant drizzle but this also somehow fits in with the melancholic mood of Let It All Out...." See link for full review:”
SLAP Magazine September 2015

“Pure honesty always captures my attention and this 14 track promo CD is difficult to ignore. Never before have I encountered from a newcomer anything as humble yet magnetic with soul as this performer. ‘Man With Dog’ and ‘Text Me A Smile’ are short simple and enlightening tunes that although appear happy chirpy ditties are glazed with a blanket of melancholy which is baffling but delightful to hear. This is a serious artist at work and there is a something very big here indeed”
Ryan’s Gig Guide July 2014

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